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The Alexander Technique

What is the Alexander Technique?
The Alexander Technique allows us to use our bodies more efficiently. Through emotional and physical stress over time, we can develop habits of tension. By enlivening our awareness we can choose to free ourselves from these habits and rediscover the full potential of our bodies. I will facilitate your process through hands-on guidance as well as verbal instruction to enhance your overall awareness.

What makes the Alexander Technique different from other ways of preventing pain or increasing physicality?
The Alexander Technique is an educational model with the ultimate goal being the student's ability to utilize it on his own, in every day life.

What to expect in a Lesson:
In an Alexander Technique lesson, the student can choose any activity he or she would like to do with more ease and comfort: be it sitting at the computer, chopping vegetables, doing a yoga pose, playing a musical instrument, juggling, or singing. The sky is the limit! Students may also choose to walk, sit, or lie down in a semi-supine position for a table lesson. We will work together with curiosity in whatever activities are of interest to you.

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