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Dana Calvey, Alexander Technique Teacher

About Dana

I began my journey with Alexander Technique as a way to cope with chronic neck and lower back pain, and was quickly amazed to discover how it impacted my singing voice, and over time, my overall well-being both physically and emotionally.

I studied the Alexander Technique at Wright State University and the Philadelphia School for the Alexander Technique, where I received my teacher certification from Dr. Martha Hansen Fertman, one of the most respected and prolific teacher trainers in North America. I have also studied with Meade Andrews, William Conable, Michael Frederick, Belinda Mello, Dale Beaver, Donna Doellinger, Karen Braga and Marya Spring Cordes. I hold a B.F.A in Acting with a Musical Theatre emphasis from Wright State University. I have taught actors, musicians, dancers, graduate students, and other professionals such as psychologists and physical therapists. I strongly believe in my students' abilities for self-discovery through this technique.

"Thanks, Dana, for your gifted work in the Alexander Technique. It is already making a difference after one lesson...your energy and intuition are special. I can't recommend you too highly!"
Julie Holtzman, Pianist, Juilliard Graduate

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